Major Areas of Scholarship

My scholarship is at the intersection of coaching and education. Educational technology and program evaluation are two avenues into exploring, developing, building, and improving the delivery of coach education programs, both formal and informal. Continue reading Major Areas of Scholarship


Coaching: Learning Communication Skills

If we truly want to help athletes reach their goals, how do we better engage them in the process? Questioning is a critical skill. I share some skills we teach in our masters program, along with my reflections on its effectiveness. Continue reading Coaching: Learning Communication Skills

Mastery vs. caring climate in youth sport – room for both?

What are the essential components of an ideal youth sport climate? Should the coach focus on teaching athletes the fundamental skills needed for the sport, focusing on the individual mastery for each player? Should the coach focus on building a caring climate for the players so that they feel like they are a part of the team, and that they are able to take calculated risks to improve their skills? At the 2012 conference for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, these questions arose several times for myself and my colleagues. Based on my coaching experience, I firmly believe that … Continue reading Mastery vs. caring climate in youth sport – room for both?